Questions & Answers


  1. Can I upgrade my account from Yearly to Unlimited?
  2. How to deactivate a device?
  3. I purchased a Team account. How do I invite team members?
  4. What happens after the expiration of Nucleo Yearly account?
  5. How can I download the invoice for my purchase?


  1. I can't see the team shared projects. What do I do?
  2. When I change the stroke value, nothing happens. Why?
  3. The icon font generator is slower sometimes. Why?
  4. When I export icons as iconfont, the font files are not generated and the demo renders a Null message. How do I fix this?


  1. How many projects can I use Nucleo icons for? How many icons are allowed for each project?
  2. Can I include your icons in templates, themes, UI kits and plugins?
  3. Can I include your icons in open source projects?


  1. Are you planning to add new icons?
  2. Can I suggest new app features and icons?
  3. Do you have an affiliation system?