I purchased a Team account. How do I invite team members?

You can set up a team on Nucleo to share icons and collaborate on projects with your teammates, as well as give your colleagues access to the Nucleo library.

The person that creates the team is also the admin. Once the team has been created, the admin can access and manage the team from the team page.

Teams page

By selecting a team from the Teams page, you can access the Edit Team Info page, where you can invite members. In order to invite a teammate, simply click on “Add members”. Inside the modal, you can either enter an email address (or multiple, comma separated email addresses), or import a list of email addresses (either a .txt file with a list of comma separated email addresses, or a .csv file).

After the invitations have been sent out, you'll see a list of email addresses populating the team members area. When a team member accepts the invitation (sent via email), the circle on the right of her/his email address turns green. Note: don’t forget to click “Save” before leaving the page.

List of team members