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I just purchased a team account. How to invite team members?

You can buy a Nucleo team account to share icon projects with your teammates and give them access to the Nucleo icon library.

Each team can have only one admin. The admin login credentials are the ones used to purchase the Nucleo team account.

The admin can access and manage the team on the teams page.

By selecting a team on the teams page, you access the 'Edit team info' page, where you can invite members. To invite a teammate, click on 'Add members'. In the modal, you can either enter an email address (or multiple, comma-separated email addresses), or import a list of email addresses (either a .txt file with a list of comma-separated email addresses, or a .csv file).

When a team member accepts the invitation, the dot on the left of their email address turns green.

Don’t forget to save your changes before leaving the team page.

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