Extended License

By purchasing Nucleo Extended license you are being granted the right to:

A single Extended license gives you the right to use Nucleo icons in a single product. If you want to use Nucleo in different products, you have to buy an extended license for each one of them.

A Single Product is an organic, complex project. If you’re working on 2 or more sub projects (e.g. a website and a mobile application) that are connected/complementary, you’re working on 1 project, therefore you need only one Extended license.

If your product is a downloadable digital file, it needs to include Nucleo Standard license, as well as Nucleo Extended License.

When you purchase the Extended license, we provide a JSON file that includes a list of categories, tags and style info that can be used if you decide to implement a search feature within your app.

Example of products offered for sale (or for free) where Nucleo contributes to the core value of the product being sold/shared:

The Extended license doesn't allow you to redistribute our icons. You may not include the original purchased items (or source files) in your product, or allow your users to export the icons directly through your application/product.

The Extended license doesn't give you the right to share your Nucleo log-in information with your clients; you can invite team members though (up to 10x users), in order to give them access to the source files.

$2499 - Buy Extended License

If you’re still unclear about what is or isn’t allowed under this license, please contact us at [email protected].

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