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7 reasons to choose Nucleo as your icon organizer today.


From scattered icons to a beautiful home for all your icons.


You can create a team, invite collaborators, and start sharing icons and projects.

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A preview of the sharing project feature


Have your icons 1-click away from all your design tools.


Export your icons as SVG symbols, icon fonts, JSX/Vue code, and more...

A preview of the Nucleo export features


If you're a developer, you'll wonder how you managed to live without Nucleo for so long.

A preview of the context menu options
A preview of the copy class name feature


Finding an icon should be easy, even if you have thousands of them.

Using the search box in Nucleo


We've designed the best-in-class icon library, and it works seamlessly with the Nucleo app.

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A preview of the Nucleo icons A preview of the Nucleo icons

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