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Nucleo Icons License

When you purchase Nucleo, you agree to these terms for using the icons:

  • You can use the Nucleo icons in unlimited personal and commercial projects, for yourself or a client, with no limitation to the number of product impressions.
  • You can use the Nucleo icons in application, software, UI/UX design, print, and logo design.
  • Feel free to modify the icons to create your versions.
  • In a single project, you can use up to 250 Nucleo icons.
  • If you’re using the Nucleo icons in templates, themes, plugins, or open source projects, you can use a maximum of 100 Nucleo icons and you should include the copyright notice.
  • Check the extended license to lift the icon limitations or for advanced icon integrations.
  • You can't sublicense, resell, share, or redistribute the icons or modified versions.
  • Don't share your Nucleo login details.
  • Don't use Nucleo icons in a product that competes with Nucleo.

If you're working on a client project, you can share up to 250 icons. If the client needs access to all the icons, they need to purchase their own license.

Usage examples:

  • You can share with the client a Figma file containing up to 250 Nucleo icons.
  • If you own a Nucleo license, you can share up to 250 icons with your team. Team members can't use the icons in other projects unless they have their licenses.
  • With a Nucleo Team License, all team members can access and share icons through the Nucleo app or password-protected third-party systems.
  • If you use a third-party public system, it can store up to 250 icons.

If you're unsure about what's allowed, contact us at [email protected].

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