Can I include your icons in templates, themes, UI kits and plugins?

If you’re using Nucleo icons in templates, themes or plugins offered for sale (e.g., UI kits, Wordpress Themes, HTML/CSS Templates), you can include up to 100 icons in the downloadable source files. This limitation applies to the icon fonts as well.

The downloadable source file has to include the Nucleo Copyright Notice.

If the Nucleo icons contribute to the core value of the template, theme or plugin sold (e.g., a theme builder where users can browse Nucleo icons and pick the ones to include in their design), or if you wish to use more than 100 Nucleo icons, you will need an Extended License.

It's not possible to purchase an Extended License if the template, theme or plugin is distributed for free.

If you're offering a free and pro version of your product, the free version cannot include more than 100 icons even if you purchased an Extended License to lift the limit. The Extended License applies only to the pro version of your product.