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Searching Icons

Find icons quickly using Nucleo's search functionalities. The search box in the app header allows you to filter icons by their tags and titles. Enhance your search accuracy with special characters % and ! to refine your results.

  • Default search: Simply enter a keyword. The app will display icons whose titles and tags begin with your entered keyword. Example: Typing 'search' will show icons tagged with 'search' and 'searching', but not 'lens-search'.
  • '%{keyword}': This command reveals all icons containing your keyword anywhere in their title and tags. Example: Entering '%car' will bring up icons tagged with 'cars' and even 'scarf'.
  • '{keyword}!': Use this to find icons that contain the exact keyword in their title or tags. Example: Typing 'car!' will display icons tagged exactly with 'car', excluding those like 'scarf' or 'cars'.
  • '!{keyword}': This command reveals only icons named exactly like the keyword. Example: Typing '!car' will display icons titled 'car'.
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