You can set up a Nucleo team to share projects with your teammates and give them access to the Nucleo icon library.

How to invite team members

The team admin can modify the team information and invite team members on the team page.

Each team can have only one admin. The admin login credentials are the ones used to purchase the Nucleo team account.

To invite team members, click on 'Add Members' button. Inside the modal, you can either enter an email address (or multiple, comma-separated email addresses), or import a list of email addresses (either a .txt file with a list of comma-separated email addresses, or a .csv file).

After the invitations have been sent out, you'll see a list of email addresses populating the team members area. When a team member accepts the invitation (sent via email), the circle on the left of their email address turns green. Don’t forget to click the 'Save' button before leaving the page.

To remove a user, click the Remove icon (X) on the right of the user name/email. Then click the 'Save' button.

How to share projects with your team

To enable project sharing, the admin needs to:

  1. Select a team project folder in the app settings.
  2. Share this folder with all the team members using a cloud service.

Nucleo supports the following cloud services:

To see the shared projects, the team members need to 1) accept the email invitation to join the Nucleo team and 2) accept the invitation to join the Dropbox/Box/OneDrive/Nutstore folder.


Using a cloud service not listed in the documentation may cause a database conflict and your team icons will be lost.

set the team project folder

To access the projects area, use the navigation in the top-center of the app.

In the projects area, by default, you'll see your personal projects. To share a personal project with the team, right-click on the project, then Share with > Team Name.

When you share a project, there's no link between the original (personal) project and the team project. Changes to the first one won't affect the second one and vice versa.

To switch from your projects to the team projects, click on the arrow to the left of 'My Projects' and select the team name.

To sync a team project and see changes made by other members, press the 'sync/refresh' icon to the right of the project name. Please note the changes won't be visible to other team members until the cloud syncing is complete (the duration depends on the cloud service used to store the team project folder).

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