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Setting up a Nucleo team allows your teammates to access the Nucleo icon library and share projects through the Nucleo application.

Note: Existing Nucleo teams using cloud services like Dropbox to share projects can upgrade to the Team Collaboration plan for hassle-free syncing and new role management features by going to the Team page and selecting the team they want to upgrade. They can import all the local projects in one-click on the app projects page. More info here.

The team admin can modify team information and invite members on the team page.

How to invite:

  • Click 'Invite Members'.
  • In the pop-up modal, enter an email address or multiple addresses, separated by commas, or import a list of email addresses (a .txt file with a list of comma-separated email addresses or a .csv file).

Post-invitation, the team members' area will populate with the invited email addresses. An invitation acceptance is indicated by a green circle next to the email address.

Removing a User:

  • Click the Remove icon (-) next to the user name/email.
  • Remember to save changes.

Note: Each team has one admin, whose credentials are the ones used for the Nucleo account purchase.

With a Team Collaboration account, your team can share icon projects within the Nucleo application and manage role permissions.

New team members are assigned the 'Editor' role by default, allowing them to:

  • Create, delete, and modify team projects.
  • Add or remove icons within a project.
  • Modify icons, e.g. rename them or add search tags.
  • Adjust project customizations (e.g., color, stroke value).
  • Export projects.

Change a member's role via the selector next to their email:

How to change a member's role

Read-only members can:

  • View all team projects and icons.
  • Export projects.

When changing the role of a team member, don't forget to click the 'Save' button to apply the changes.

To collaborate on shared projects:

  1. Team members must accept the team invitation received via email.
  2. After acceptance, log in to the Nucleo app and access team projects via the app navigation.

To share a personal project:

  • Right-click the project and select 'Share with > Team Name'.
How to share a project

Switching between personal and team projects:

  • Click the arrow next to 'My Projects' and choose the team name.
How to switch from personal to team projects

Syncing a Team Project:

  • Click the 'sync' icon next to the project name to update with changes made by others.
How to sync a team project

Note: Personal and team projects are independent; changes in one don't affect the other.

To upgrade your team to the Team Collaboration plan:

  • Go to the Teams page.
  • Select the team you want to upgrade
  • Click the 'upgrade' link in the Account Type section.
How to upgrade a Nucleo team

Each member can easily move the existing team projects to our server. Just go to the app's projects page and do it in one click:

How to import the team local projects

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