You can set up a team on Nucleo to share projects with your teammates, as well as give your colleagues access to the Nucleo icon library.

How to invite team members

The person that creates the team is also the admin. Once the team has been created, the admin can access and manage the team on the team page.

By selecting a team from the Teams page, you can access the Edit Team Info page, where you can invite members. To invite a teammate, just click on [Add members]. Inside the modal, you can either enter an email address (or multiple, comma-separated email addresses), or import a list of email addresses (either a .txt file with a list of comma-separated email addresses, or a .csv file).

After the invitations have been sent out, you'll see a list of email addresses populating the team members area. When a team member accepts the invitation (sent via email), the circle on the right of her/his email address turns green. Don’t forget to click “Save” before leaving the page.

To remove a user, click the Remove icon (X) on the right of the user name/email. Then click the [Save] button.

How to share projects with your team

To enable team projects sharing, the admin needs to:

  1. Select a folder via the Nucleo app
  2. Share this folder with all team members via the cloud service

Nucleo supports the following cloud services:

Team members won't need to perform any action to access the team shared projects (no need to edit the library location). They just need to accept the Dropbox/Box/OneDrive/Nutstore invitation to the folder set up by the admin.

From within the app, the admin can select a shared folder from the Settings page (Nucleo > Preferences on Mac; Menu > File > Settings on Windows):

Set up shared folder

Once the team shared folder has been set up by the admin, and all team members have access to it, the team can start sharing projects 🔥.

To access the projects page, click on Projects in the main navigation (top-right of the app).

In the Projects page, you'll see all personal projects under the My Projects list. To share a project with the team, right-click on a project from the My Projects list, then Share with > Team Name. To switch from your projects to the team projects, just click on the arrow on the left of My Projects to trigger the selector.

To sync a team project and see changes made by other team members, press the "sync/refresh" icon to the right of the project name (left panel). Please note that if a user updates a project, the changes won't be visible to other team members until the cloud syncing is completed (the duration depends by the cloud service used to store the team project folder).

Shortcuts 👉