Organizing Icons

While the All Icons page is intended for organizing icons at a macro level, you can use Favorites and Projects to organize your icons at a micro level.


To mark an icon as a favorite, you just need to click on the small ⭐ star symbol on top-right of each icon. To access the favorites page, just click on Favorites from the main navigation in the top-right of the app.


To add icons to a project, you can either:

  • select one or more icons, then right-click to trigger the context menu > Add to Project
  • select one or more icons, then click the [Add to Project] button in the export area (bottom-right of the app

To access the projects page, just click on Projects from the main navigation in the top-right of the app

Why you should use Projects:

  • When you add an icon to a Project, the icon becomes a new entity; its name (i.e., CSS class name) and its aspect won't change in Projects, even if the same icon is updated in the All icons page.
  • If you add/remove icons in a project, the Unicode values and CSS classes will be preserved. You can export a new font and CSS files, and replace the old ones.
  • You can copy the CSS classes or the icons code from the icon context menu (bye bye demo files!).
Copy Unicode from Project

Exporting Icons 👉