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Organizing Icons

Use the navigation in the left sidebar to navigate between three main areas:

  1. All Icons
  2. Favorites
  3. Projects

Here, you'll find all your icons organized into sets, offering a visual overview of your entire icon database.

Nucleo, with All Icons selected

The 'Favorites' section mirrors the 'All Icons' area but displays only the icons you've marked as favorites. To favorite an icon, click on the small star symbol at the top-right corner of each icon.

While 'All Icons' is for organizing sets, 'Projects' is where you create smart collections of your icons

For example, say you have a set with thousands of icons but are using only 100 for a mobile app design. You can group these in a project. You can also mix and match icons from different sets within the same project.

Icons in a project are independent of their original versions in 'All Icons'. Deleting or altering the original won't affect the project copies.

  • Select one or more icons, right-click to open the context menu, then choose 'Add to Project...'.
  • Alternatively, select icons and click 'Add to Project' at the bottom-right of the app.
How to add icons to a Nucleo project
  1. Icons added to a project become separate entities. Changes in 'All Icons' won't impact them.
  2. Adding/removing icons in a project keeps the Unicode values and CSS classes (icon name) intact.
  3. Save your project's customization settings.
  4. Copy the icon font CSS classes or the SVG symbol code right from the icon's context menu!
How to copy the icon class name in Nucleo

Use the 'Replace Icon' feature to update a project icon while retaining its tags and Unicode value. This is especially useful in collaborative design systems, ensuring assets like icon font Unicode values remain consistent.

How to replace an icon in NUcleo

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