Importing icons

You can import and organize all your icons in the Nucleo app.

To create a new set, click the 'import icons' button in the top left, or right-click on the left panel and select 'New set'. Another option is to drag your icons over the app.

Supported files:

  1. You can only import SVG files; all other formats will be ignored.
  2. You can either import SVG files, SVG fonts, folders containing SVG files, SVG symbols, .iconjar files or .JSON files*.

* The template of the .JSON file has to match the one exported using the Nucleo app.


if the icons share the same CSS classes/mask IDs in their SVG code, they will look identical when imported into Nucleo. If you're using Sketch to export icons, install their SVGO compressor plugin to make sure the exported icons won't share the mask IDs.

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