Customizing Icons

Nucleo comes packed with some powerful editing features. You can use the app to edit colors, strokes and add frames to your icons.

Please note that some advanced customization features (like stroke editing and secondary colors) only apply to Nucleo icons. The reason being that our icons were built with mutability in mind (e.g., the design is minimal, and there's some extra space to account for different stroke values).

Stroke editing options for Nucleo icons:

  • 16px icons -> up to 1px stroke, only round corners
  • 24px and 32px icons -> up to 2px stroke
  • 48px and 64px icons -> up to 4px stroke

Power up your workflow

By editing the color of the icons and the background, you can match your designs and export the icons with the right colors with no need for further changes in your graphics editor.

Organizing Icons 👉