Action Mac OS Windows
Focus on search ⌘ F Ctrl F
Reset filters ⌘ R Ctrl R
App settings ⌘ , Ctrl ,
Select all icons ⌘ A Ctrl A
Copy icon ⌘ C Ctrl C
Copy SVG code Shift ⌘ T Shift Ctrl T
Copy JSX code Shift ⌘ J Shift Ctrl J
Copy VUE code Shift ⌘ V Shift Ctrl V
Copy data URI code Shift ⌘ U Shift Ctrl U
Go to All Icons Shift ⌘ I Shift Ctrl I
Go to Favorites Shift ⌘ F Shift Ctrl F
Go to Projects Shift ⌘ P Shift Ctrl P
Import icons ⌘ N Ctrl N
Export icons ⌘ E Ctrl E
Add to project ⌘ P Ctrl P
Delete icons ⌘ Delete Ctrl Delete
Hide/Show side panels ⌘ 3 Ctrl 3
Group sets ⌘ G Ctrl G
Ungroup sets Shift ⌘ G Shift Ctrl G
Theme preview