The Nucleo project – What to expect in 2016

Nucleo - December Roundup

With an exciting 2015 behind us, it's time to make some big plans for the future. The Nucleo project is 9 months old only, and yet hundreds of designers and developers are already using our icons. The main goal in 2016 is to push even further the boundaries of what an icon library is and how it should be part of the creation process.

Think big, but make one small step at a time

Possibilities are endless, however we must proceed at the right pace. For a small team like ourselves, planning each step thoroughly is crucial. In 2016 expect to see more posts about how we build Nucleo. We'll be publishing tutorials about icon design, and about building a design product in general. We learnt a lot along the way, made lots of mistakes, and we think we can share some interesting insights on this topic.

Building a great icon library is not only about creating icons. We'll be focusing our efforts on improving the tools used to manage and work with our icons.

Expect to see frequent improvements of the web app, with new exciting features for both designers and developers. On our to-do list we have new CSS sprites features, icons editors, new exporting formats and much more.

In order to support our growing community of UX designers, we're planning to build a native app to drag & drop icons directly into a graphic editor. This is a huge step, at this stage I can't tell yet when we'll be able to deliver this tool, but we already started working on it.

Finally, we'll keep delivering new icons. Actually, we never stopped since day 1 :) Now that all major categories have been covered, it's time to review each one of them. Besides, we'll introduce a way for you to suggest new icons.

New in December: Text Editing icons

Here is a preview of the new icon category, as usual available in 3 different styles and 5 different sizes.

text editing - preview

640 new coloured icons

Food, User Interface, Arrows, Objects and Business categories have been updated with the coloured version.

new coloured icons - preview

Let us know what you think

Any ideas? Keep getting in touch, we're listening to your requests ;)