Source files update and 3 new icon categories: clothes, weather and home furniture


Here we are with our monthly recap of what's new on Nucleo! During June we've been busy cooking some new icons, as well as improving the way our source files are organized. We also started working on some new great features for the app, to be released during July, like exporting color palettes and much more!

New icons!

This month's 3 new categories are: weather, home furniture and clothes & accessories, a total of 175 new icons! Below is a preview of the sets. We're collecting ideas for future icon packs based on your suggestions. Keep getting in touch, we're listening to your requests ;)


Source files. What's new?

We went through the source files and did some improvements in the way they're organized. Specifically: 1) Icon Fonts now have SASS and Less support, as well as many new classes (inspired by the popular font-awesome).


2) Adobe Illustrator files now have all icons organized in different artboards, each artboard with a descriptive name. This should make it easier to export icons from within the app.


3) SketchApp users will find all categories organized across different pages within the same file.


That's all for June! See you soon for more cool stuff ;)