Smart icons organization with Projects, 217 new colored icons and 923 new mini icons


August has been another intense month, with tons of updates! First of all, we delivered one of the most requested features: Projects, a smart way to organize your icons in collections. Additionally, we cooked 217 new colored icons (Emoticons, Clothes and Food categories) and 923 new mini (16px) icons, perfect for web projects!


This is by far the most important update: you can now easily organize your icons in projects. The process is straightforward, and we put together this quick video to show you how projects work:

Mini icons!

Another frequent request was to include 16px icons. We did it! In just one month we designed 923 mini icons, covering 13 different categories.


New colored icons

We updated 3 categories with the colored version: Food, Emoticons & Clothes. Here is a preview:


What's next?

Within the end of September each category will have the 16px version. Starting from October we're gonna start adding new categories! App side, we're already working on other big and small improvements. Any ideas? Keep getting in touch, we're listening to your requests ;)

  • seba

    Can the app generate webfont files for a selection of icons?

    • Claudia Romano

      Hi Seba, we have a downloadable webfont containing all Nucleo icons, but at the moment you can’t generate webfont using the app.

      • seba

        Thanks for the reply. Are there any near-term plans to make this possible? Because I like using webfonts for my app, but want to avoid loading more than needed.

        Also, this statement on your site is incorrect: 2030 Customizable Icons. All icons are available in 2 styles and 4 sizes, a total of 16240 vector assets!

        If it’s a vector asset, size doesn’t play a role, so there are really only 4060 vector assets, but 16240 bitmap assets.

        • Sebastiano Guerriero

          hey seba! not true, because we don’t just scale the icons: we designed different icons according to the size and therefore the extra pixels available. You can check the demo to see what I mean:

          About the fonts: not in our plans in the near future, as we’re currently developing a system based on SVG