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Questions & Answers

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  1. Can I upgrade my account from Basic to Unlimited?
  2. My account is pending. How do I purchase Nucleo?
  3. How to activate the Mac app?
  4. I purchased a Team account. How do I invite team members?
  5. What happens after the expiration of Nucleo Basic account?
  6. How can I download the invoice for my purchase?
  7. Can I import my own set of icons to the Nucleo web app?
  8. How many projects can I use Nucleo icons for? How many icons are allowed for each project?
  9. Can I include your icons in items for sale (e.g. on Themeforest, Creative Market…)?
  10. What about affiliation?
  11. Are you planning to add new sets of icons?
  12. How can I report a bug?
  13. Can I suggest new features and set of icons?
  14. I have an Individual/Team account. How can I purchase the Extended license?
  15. I bought the Extended license. Can I use Nucleo icon for personal projects as well?