How to upgrade from Nucleo v1 to Nucleo v2

Transitioning from Nucleo v1 to Nucleo v2 is super easy! First of all, all your data has been imported to our new database. The only thing we could not import - for security reasons - was your password. Therefore step 1 is to reset your password to access the account area and use the apps.

Reset your password.

If you don't remember the email address associated with your Nucleo account, get in touch at [email protected] and we'll help you!

Second and last step: if you have Nucleo v1 for Mac installed, you need to uninstall it before installing the new version of Nucleo.

That's it! Download the new app and enjoy Nucleo 2!


In Nucleo v1 all team members shared the same log-in credentials. Things work differently in Nucleo v2: each team member has his own account. The person that created the team is the team admin. The admin can access and manage the team (i.e. invite team members) from the team page.

By selecting a team from the Teams page, you can access the Edit Team Info page, where you can invite members. In order to invite a teammate, simply click on “Add members”. Inside the modal, you can either enter an email address (or multiple, comma separated email addresses), or import a list of email addresses (either a .txt file with a list of comma separated email addresses, or a .csv file).

After the invitations have been sent out, you'll see a list of email addresses populating the team members area. When a team member accepts the invitation (sent via email), the circle on the right of her/his email address turns green. Note: don’t forget to click “Save” before leaving the page.

In order to share projects with your teammates, you need to set up a Dropbox folder and make sure all team members have access to this folder. You can set up this folder from the Settings page:

Set up Dropbox folder

In the Projects page you'll see all personal projects under the My Projects list, while the team projects will be shown as a separate list. To share a project, right-click on a project from the My Projects list > Share with > Team Name.

In order to sync your team projects and see changes made by other team members, press the "sync/refresh" icon on the right of the team name.