New export options, 239 new colored icons and 2 new categories

Nucleo October Roundup

With October behind us, it's time to check out what's new on Nucleo! Within the last 30 days we improved the Export feature with new options, like the possibility to set  a custom export PNG resolution. We introduced 2 new categories: Holidays and Sport. Finally we are happy to welcome Denis to our team: he's been working on the colored icons, with 239 new beautiful icons cooked during the last month.

New Export Features

Exporting icons the smart way is what makes our web app a great tool for designers and developers! In order to make this feature even better, we introduced custom export resolutions for PNG icons, as well as CSS support for SVG Sprites.


New categories: Sport & Holidays

We cooked 2 new icon categories: Sport and Holidays. Here is a preview of the new icons:

sport and holidays icons preview

239 new colored icons

Holidays, Technology, Weather, Users and Social Media categories have been updated with the colored version!

new colored icons - preview

What's next?

We're working on some new app features, as well as new icon categories! Any ideas? Keep getting in touch, we're listening to your requests ;)

  • pepperstreet

    Sport and 2-color-icons look nice!
    BTW, I have visited the “all icons” pages and it seems there are different icon sets in each “style” category? Am I right with my assumption? I would expect to find all icons in every “style”. Are you going to offer all icons in “colored flat style”, too?

    • Sebastiano Guerriero

      Hi there! Yes, the idea is to have each icon available in all styles. Right now all icons are available as mini, outline and glyph. Since we started later adding colored icons, we need some time to catch up, but we’re working on that ;)

      • pepperstreet

        Glad to hear that :)

  • Yucel Mutlusoy

    Construction category would be awesome. Tunnel, bridge, basement, roof and perhaps some of the major construction equipment will be great additions.

    • Sebastiano Guerriero

      noted ;)