New app features, the process of updating icons and a peek at what’s coming next

Nucleo Recap May 2016

Time to catch up! Over the last few weeks we've been improving our Mac app, we've been fixing icons as well as creating new ones, and we've paved the way for some big, new features. We've welcomed hundreds of new members, including some top worldwide companies. Here is a recap of what's new with Nucleo!

Nucleo for Mac keeps getting better

Since the launch on April, over 4000 users have downloaded our Mac app! We've already pushed several updates to improve performance, and we recently released some interesting new features as well. Nucleo for Mac used to support vector formats only (PDF or SVG files). With the latest update, we included the option to export files as PNG. To switch exporting option, just go to Nucleo > Preferences (or press Cmd + ,). By including a raster format, we support a whole new bunch of design tools like After Effects and Principle.

Another popular request was the possibility to press Cmd + C to copy an icon, and then Cmd + V to paste it into a graphic editor. Checked!

Nucleo to Sketch

The process of updating icons

Consistency plays a key role if you're trying to craft a top-notch icon system. This is why we constantly review our icons, and update them if we spot a bug. The process of tweaking icons is what makes Nucleo a unique product in the market of stock icons: we look at our product as a system, not an "icon pack". Being a system, it evolves to get better.

Here is a preview of the recently updated Shopping category:

shopping preview

What's next: fonts

Although our system is 100% powered by SVG, we need to address the increasing number of developers that include our icons as web fonts. As for now, our icon font includes all icons. The size of the source files is already quite big, and this approach is clearly not sustainable for long. We're studying the best approach to allow our users to select and extract a custom icon font through the app. It's a tricky task, for web fonts don't include all customization options that SVG do. We're considering 2 options: creating a light, downloadable script/app (think of it as a new source file), or integrating the font generator into the web app. Any feedback/suggestion is welcome!

ps: in case you're willing to choose the dark side and replace fonts with SVG symbols, here is a handy guide we put together on the topic ;)

  • Matt Barron

    Great update thanks! Nucleo just keeps getting better and better.

    • Sebastiano Guerriero

      Glad to hear that Matt :)