Can I import my own set of icons to the Nucleo web app?

No, you can't import and manage other icon packs using Nucleo web application. Our goal is to build the best set of icons on the market, with infinite variations and a consistent style through all vector assets. We're constantly working on new categories and app features, with both designers' and developers' needs in mind.

However we know how important it is to have additional options while working with icons. We have on our roadmap a system, compatible with Nucleo and free for all of our users, that allows you to import your own icons. It's just not a priority at the moment.

Note: even if you can't import additional icon packs, you can take existing icons from the Nucleo range and adapt/customise them to your specific needs in-house; also, you can create entirely new icons in the same style in-house. This is not against our terms.