2066 colored icons, mini icons font and 1 new category

nucleo roundup jan2016

To kick off the new year, we updated all categories with the colored version. Our library now includes 2066 beautiful, flat icons! Besides, many of you asked for a font version of the mini icons. Done! Finally we introduced a new category: Energy & Environment.

2066 Colored Icons

It took our team few months of hard work to put together such a library of lovely, flat icons with a consistent style. Here is a preview of the last icons uploaded:

2066 colored icons

Mini icons font

In addition to our glyph and outline fonts, here is the mini icons font, ideal for web projects. Go and grab it from the source files section.

mini icons font

New in January: Energy & Environment

Here is a preview of the latest category: 46 environment icons in different styles and sizes.

energy environment icons

What's next?

It's time to review each category and add new icons! Also, we started working on something (native app cough...) that designers will fall in love with.

Any ideas? Keep getting in touch, we're listening to your requests ;)

  • Sergie Magdalin

    Great work guys! Loving the updates.

    • http://codyhouse.co/ Sebastiano Guerriero

      Thanks Sergei!

  • Gabriele

    I fucking love you, guys!