16px icons, animated loaders and web app new features


Here comes the monthly update! Nucleo keeps growing and getting better at handling icons the smart way! During September we completed the 16px icons collection, added 363 new icons across 8 categories. We worked to improve the web app, specifically we tweaked the export and project ux. Finally we introduced a new, experimental category: animated loaders!

16 px icons

Now all categories have the mini version! Here is a preview of the new 16px icons:

16px-new-preview (1)

Animated Loaders

We introduced a new experimental category: loaders. And yes, now you can use Nucleo app to customize animated loaders, export the SVG + .js code and paste it in your projects! At the moment the category includes 11 (responsive) loaders, but we'll upload more soon.

Check the demo to see some loaders in action.

Web App New Features

Many of you suggested that it would be useful to export all selected icons as separate SVG files, not only as SVG sprites. We did it:

Export Single SVG Files

Another request was the possibility to export all icons from within a project: now if you go to the Projects page, you'll find a download button that exports all icons (both as single SVG files + 1 vector file containing all icons).

Project Download Feature

What's next?

We're working on some new app features: color palettes, new exporting formats and CSS sprites...and, of course, plenty of new icons! Any ideas? Keep getting in touch, we're listening to your requests ;)

  • http://sampotts.me Sam Potts

    Awesome work! :)